Lesser Lakes Trio


Label: BSide Recordings
Release Date: June 15, 2016


Jamie Breiwick, trumpet
John Christensen, bass
Devin Drobka, drums


Engineered by Kyle White
at Burst HQ, Wauwatosa, WI

Some of my favorite authors get huge mileage out of a relatively ordinary vocabulary by focusing intently on their combinations and the cadence used to deliver them. The set from the Lesser Lakes Trio of trumpeter Jamie Breiwick, bassist John Christensen and drummer Devin Drobka is a case in point on how to do this within a sonic medium. There are no fireworks here and there are no outward displays of showy verbosity, but each marriage of sound is delivered with a maximum impact and possesses a real gravity when said. The key is the patience exhibited by the trio members, utilizing just enough to create tension without overdoing it and risking the music become slow and tedious. Even when the temperature spikes, as it does on “Don Strawberry,” the exhalations of solos are breathed out with measured deliberation.

Burst drew me from the very first notes, which isn’t something I often experience from straight-ahead recordings these days.

-Dave Sumner, birdistheworm.com